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AI market research with Big Data

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Relied on by industry professionals.

And funded as a hightech start up by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and the European Union.

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The revolution of market research

Through our Big Data approach, AIlon already knows tens of thousands of attributes and affinities of millions of individuals. Therefore, we don't need to collect data. This saves decision makers, marketers and product developers time & money.
And saves you from wrong decisions.

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As an agency just before the deadline? Briefly check a marketing idea / marketing concept? AIlon calculates any target group within 15 minutes.

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Too little invested in ads, too much in planning? Quality does not have to be expensive. Finally more money for what is important to you.

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Missed the mark too many times and listened to the loudest guy on the team? Valid data leads to better decisions.

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A different tool for every question about customers and target groups? AIlon answers each question about each target group from a single representative sample.

How it works

Who's AIlon?

AIlon is an Artificial Intelligence that aggregates consumer digital footprints into a representative sample of society. When combined with enrichment data, AIlon is not only legally verified privacy compliant, but is also scientifically proven to be the world's most accurate algorithm for calculating product and brand affinities. Also for your brand. Real time.


Artificial intelligence and data protection

GÖRG advises multi award-winning start-up ERASON

Competitors, brand loyalties, positioning opportunities, simulation


Socio-demographic / geographic attributes of your target and customer groups


Needs and purchase intentions/motivations, behavior and interests


Marketing budget distribution across all channels/media

AIlon knows every possible target group of end consumers in Germany and the USA. A multitude of selection options (including "customers of the competition") and individual weightings in combination with clustering algorithms allow the modeling of target groups on a completely new level. So AIlon finds out exactly how many personas there really are in your target group, how big they are and what makes them different. This makes AIlon the most powerful tool and a USP for agencies and advertisers.

AIlon explores every positioning opportunity, leverages brand loyalties from your competitors' customers, simulates thousands of marketing concepts, and finds the optimal niche to maximize brand monetization.

Then comes the tangible implementation: WHO are your personas, HOW and with which arguments do you convince them and WHERE do you reach them as scatter-loss-free as possible and at the same time in large quantities.

AIlon App

Mobile application


Steer yourself. Model target groups, interpret results. Ideal for heavy users such as agencies that need comprehensive information on various target groups quickly.



Let Data Scientists and Strategy Consultants Control. Customized algorithms and visualization. Background analysis. Causal lattice instead of correlation. Ideal for complex projects and with little experience in market research.

AIlon provides you with geographic, socio-demographic, as well as socio-economic data to accurately understand your target audience and their personas.

The information is not only relevant to compare differences between the population and/or other target groups, but for your pricing and product development.

AIlon can causally infer the purchase motivation of each persona from needs, behavior and interests. AIlon gives you all the contextual information, visual and wording you need to create your segment-specific advertising messages.

This has been scientifically proven to achieve significantly higher interaction rates, as your target group can identify with your advertising message.


In combination with the most appealing advertising message, AIlon delivers your marketing mix. You see both which channels (print media, influencers, social media, TV, etc.), and which media within the channels are most effective

In addition, you get detailed targeting options that can be entered directly into social media advertising managers.

You are thus able to reach your target group much more efficiently, free from scatter loss.


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