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Our Artificial Intelligence analyzes millions of consumer digital footprints and calculates any kind of affinity, lifestyle habit or risk factor you are interested in.

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The smartest AI ever built from digital footprint data

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What sets us apart

AIlon does not understand anykind of PII

We embrace data privacy laws and work fully compliant with European General Data Protection Regulation, which sets the highest standard on data privacy worldwide. Every kind of PII is anonymized using the SHA-256 algorithm.
AIlon does not understand any kind of PII.

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AIlon as a one-stop-shop

AIlon delivers massive amount of insights regarding audiences, client groups and competition. If your marketing or strategy department is overwhelmed, we have especially trained partners at hand that help you make the most of our artificial intelligence.

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AIlon is holistic

Other forms of market research use extremely error-prone samples to represent the population or a target audience. We work with a complete cross-section of society: The Big Data approach involves millions of interest-structures from all social, geographic and demographic strata. AIlon finds connections where you never suspected them.


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