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AIlon is a product of the erason company. Erason is an AI development studio, based in Germany. It was founded as a spin-off from Leuphana University, is deeply rooted in hard sciences and maintains strong connections to the scientific community. The project AIlon and consequently erason is fully funded by the European Union and the German Ministriy of economics as a key technology driver in Europe.

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Augmented Intelligence

with AIlon [aɪlɒn]

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Our Vision
Augmented Intelligence is the extension and support of human intelligence with the help of artificial intelligence. With the artificial intelligence handling the labor-intensive data-acquisition, -filtering and -analysis providing condensed insights, it's human counterpart is free to focus on the bigger picture, make quantitatively-based decisions and move the business forward.
Leveraging the strengths of both the artificial and the human intelligence achieves an industrialization of mental tasks: Repetitive and exhausting tasks are performed by the machine - more interesting and demanding mental tasks are performed by the person.

This combination is more than the sum of its elements.

Our Solution
Behind every digital footprint is an Individual.

AIlon has a huge corpus of data at its disposal. Among other things the corpus is composed of social media, pricing and news data which is continuously analyzed for useful insights. AIlon builds an ever-growing network of products, persons, topics, events, locations, etc. and their connections to one another.
Consequently, this network is used to identify what attributes differentiate a specific audience of your choice (from the population/ competitors etc.).

Ultimately, AIlon points out exactly where you lose potential with regards to your customers/ competitors/ etc. and provides guidance in how to close the gaps with actionable insights.

Leadership Team

Founder Niklas Maximilian Mrutzek Head of Consulting
Niklas Maximilian

Founder Christopher Dübe Head of Sales

Founder Timon Spiegelberg Head of Artificial Intelligence

Burkhardt Funk Business
Dr. Burkhardt Funk

Ulf Brefeld Artificial Intelligence
Dr. Ulf Brefeld

Bert König Beirat
Bert König

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Our History

  1. October 2016 - Scientific breakthrough
    Predicting personality traits from digital footprints- an enhanced method at Leuphana University (N.M. Mrutzek)
  2. November 2016 - Prototyping
    Experimental data analytics and database modelling
  3. March 2018 – Founding
    Founding the ERASON company - The future is predictable
  4. October 2018 – Awarding
    ERASON winning the title as Startup of the Year for AIlon
  5. November 2018 – Hello World, it’s AIlon
    German market launch of AIlon
  6. January 2019 – Major Sponsorship
    European Union and BMWi decides to promote AIlon as a key technology driver in Europe
  7. February 2019 – Technical milestone
    Social media platform independence – AIlon gets used to natural language processing
  8. April 2019 – International markets
    AIlon grows internationally - successful market launch in the US

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