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How it works: Perceiving the world in networks

Perceiving the world in networks

79% of the population use social media

Edison Research; Triton Digital

The vast majority of people use social media. Contrary to popular belief, their profiles actually reflect themselves and not an idealized version. Potentially, critical business insights about your target audience, competition or even future employees lie hidden in billions of digital footprints. With this in mind, we created AIlon.

We continuously gather data from various social networks, news, as well as media-platforms, company websites and much more in order to grant AIlon a 360° view of the world, achieve platform-independence and avoid biases.
On top of working 100% platform-independence, purely data-driven and with full flexibility for your specific use-case in mind, we apply perfect anonymization. Hence we are complying with the European GDPR (the highest data-privacy standards in the world). Bespoke cutting-edge algorithms from the field of Deep Learning, continuously refined and evaluated, are then applied to the extensive and detailed network of knowledge to extract the optimum value for you.

The grass-root-approach: Key to diverse data

The information in AIlon are not confined to a limited range of domains. To cast off the shackles of content-production and escape the confines of limited content and most social-media-platforms turn to the grass-root-approach:
Each user can create and follow an unlimited number of pages about topics with relevance to them. Through the sheer masses of users a countless number of topics are covered in these networks. As mentioned before, the set of topics a user follows, is an adequate reflection of the user. Both the decision to create and to follow a topic are an explicit and voluntary one, making it an excellent indicator for interest.

While each individual page on social media provides content, valuable information lies in the interaction of pages via users. Each user can be seen as the sum of pages they follow. These "following structures" have a multitude of advantages:

  • Omnipresence: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc. use following structures.
  • Anonymity: It's just connections between interests. There are no names, addresses and or any other kind of Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
  • Insightfullness: Billions of connections between topics allow to uncover complex relationships and causalities.

Using the "following structures" AIlon can identify and quantify the relationship from each topic to any other topic. Additionally, the absence of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) makes AIlon fully compliant with EU GDPR, the highest data privacy standards in the world.

Image Simple illustration of an anonymized following structure

The illustration above shows an exemplary following-structure of a single user. As shown in the image, AIlon categorizes each interest of every user as a mixture of more than 2000 categories to reach an understanding of the semantics of each page. AIlon handles this task by applying extensive Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to the texts and pages and algorithms from the field of Computer Vision (CV) to the respective images. This translates a platform-dependent "follow" into a generic interest. The follow-structures in combination with the semantics of each follow forms the basis for AIlon's massive network of people, businesses, brands, news and so on.

AIlon perceives the world as a network.

Insights via Deep Learning

To add to the depth of information AIlon uses bespoke cutting-edge Deep Learning algorithms to predict various attributes for each user and "follow". Broadly speaking, most attributes fall into one of the following categories

  • Sociodemographics
  • Psychographics
  • Geographics

By precisely calculating thousands of attributes for each user, AIlon forms comprehensive but anonymous profiles. This holds true for both users and pages.

Image AIlon can predict arbitrary attributes based on the anonymized following structure

AIlon can predict anything you want - no data from your side needed.

Thousands of attributes already calculated, but it does not end there: The process is completely generalizable and flexible to suit your specific business case.

Want to market directly to the competitions customers? AIlon.
Want to develop a new product with a perfect fit for an audience? AIlon.
Want to find new employees to secure the future of your firm? AIlon.

There is little that AIlon can not predict.

No data needed from you.

AIlon understands what drives of your audience and guides your activities for optimal resonance.

Given a description of your target audience or the product/ service you seek to sell, AIlon identifies the audience in its massive network and calculates a broad range of indicators for you to use:

From age, over interests in sports, to the set of personal values that define them.
From newspapers, over websites, to blogs and influencer that resonate with them deeply.
From who you reach, over where to reach them, to the style your message should have.

Moreover, AIlon identifies the size of your audience compared to the population to put things into perspective. To further optimize your approach all of the above is calculated for each segment of your audience, which is previously algorithmically identified.

To conclude: AIlon helps you understand your audience with a new-found level of depth, guides you towards your optimal marketing strategy and does not need any data from you.

AIlon is waiting to help you make good decisions. What is it you are waiting for?