Navigating through complexity
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Navigating through complexity

Why AIlon is crucial for your business

Communicating with your audience means communicating with individuals.

Every individual in your audience has a unique mindset, unique preferences, as well as unique habits. In order to be (and remain) successful, it is crucial to understand why customers chose you and not your competitor. This is especially true in competitive markets, but reality is too complex - even for the brightest minds.

AIlon unlocks augmented intelligence for you, a novel methodology that handles the enormous complexity, answers your questions and propels your success. On this page, we will make you understand why AIlon matters: also, for you.

AIlon analyzes your audience, you make the informed decision based on it.

Leveraging artificial intelligence to extend human intelligence: A combination that is more than the sum of its elements. This is augmented intelligence.

The artificial intelligence evaluates vast amounts of complex data and provides condensed insights. Hence, freed from the labor-intensive data acquisition, crunching and filtering, you are now able to do what matters:
Abstract great ideas, create new things and decide where the future leads, while taking your business to the next level.

Image Blanket advertising is dead

Blanket advertising, the idea that a hundred million people receive the same piece of direct mail, television advertising, digital advertising or poster adverts, is outdated. To do justice to this reality, most companies started to segment their target group.

The goal of segmentation is to find the right balance between approaching each person individually and blanket advertisement. Somewhere between unfeasibly specific and negligently broad. This task is both incredible complex and critically important for success.

Although in our personal life we all recognize every person to have a unique mindset, preferences and habits most companies still segment their audiences by demographics and geographics only.

Pause a moment and think about it.

The assumption that the entire being of a person is solely defined by their age, gender or ethnicity is ridiculous. It reduces people to one-dimensional beings and assumes that they are entirely governed by external factors.

Clearly, demographics and geographics influence your worldview, however having a specific age or gender it is not what makes people get up in the morning. When personality, lifestyle and interests are added to the equation, the demo-/geographic factors approach irrelevance. It is these internal factors that make them who they are.

It is crucial to classify your audience as the multi-dimensional individuals they are and identify the dimensions that really matter.

Classical business starts with the creatives and ends with the audience

Nearly all classic business operations and communication follow a top-down approach: There is a creative lead of some sort. Marketers then gather and develop adverts/ products/ services they assume to resonate with their target audience. This general approach is especially dominant in marketing and product development, but can be found in other areas of business like recruiting (creation of job postings) or public relations as well.

However, with millions of data points on each potential audience at hand, this structure is fundamentally changing:

  • Today you can understand the audience before any measure is taken.
  • Today you can replace assumptions in the creative processes with data.
  • Today there is no need for 'trail and error'.

Modern business starts and ends with the audience

We do not have to guess how an advertisement/ product/ service will resonate with the audience anymore. The answer lies behind the door of enormous masses of data. All you need is the power of AI to unlock the door.

The contemporary approach to doing business is as follows:

  • Develop only products/ services with a real audience
  • Market the products/ services only to the relevant people
  • Point out the things that matter to your audience's personality

No need to grope in the dark - there is a light switch.