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1. Define the audience you are interested in.

First we have to define which audience you want to analyze. The definition is crucial, because here we explain AIlon what group of people we are interested in. This definition can be given by an arbitrary combination of

For example an affinity for your product/brand, a competitor's product or any other product. Any lifestyle habit or preference like for example music (-genre), band, newspaper, sports (-club).

For example socioeconomic segments, age, gender, ethnicity, employment sector, education level, feminity / masculinity scores (like being a very female woman)

For example individuals living in urban/rural areas, the state or county or in a radius from a given longitude/latitude

  • Openness to experience
    (inventive/curious vs. consistent/cautious)

  • Conscientiousness
    (efficient/organized vs. easy-going/careless)

  • Extraversion
    (outgoing/energetic vs. solitary/reserved)

  • Agreeableness
    (friendly/compassionate vs. challenging/detached)

  • Neuroticism
    (sensitive/nervous vs. secure/confident)

  • Personality derivatives

    Many real-life outcomes become more or less probable based on the personality of an individual. These include for example

    • Satisfaction with life
    • Satisfaction with work
    • Insurance fraud
    • Tax evasion
    • Mental health
    • Physical health
    • Drunk driving
    • Political activity
    • Interpersonal trust
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2. Define your purpose.

AIlon delivers crucial insights for various purposes. On the other hand, AIlon can easily overwhelm you with relationships and information, thus you have to define what your goal is. This defintion includes topics like for example

Is it interesting how many distinct, singificant clusters AIlon can find in your audience and how they compare to each other?

Is it interesting for you to learn how to reach your distinct overall audience or its segments most effectively?

Is it interesting for you to learn how much of your marketing budget should flow in which channel to maximize effiency?

Is it interesting for you how your actual costumer-base differs from your audience to find unused market potential of your products?

3. Define your format.

We can deliver your results in any format. Whatever makes you reach your goal best. The decision for a format mostly depends on how often you will apply AIlon, for example if you would like to analyze how your clients change due to a certain marketing campaign. The most popular formats include

The easiest, fastest and usually cheapest way to access AIlon. We present all of your results in an individual, handmade project overview that allows you to access all the information you need, whenever and wherever you are.

The correct interpretation of the statistical relationships can be tough. If you do not have sufficient capacities for doing so, it's sometimes better to let us explain.

We can also deploy AIlon as an on-premise solution on your servers to put you in the driver's seat. This way you can make your own calculations and integrate AIlon's results into your existing infrastructure.

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