Butlers Brandfans: Entertainment Influencer

AIlon analyzed 1,371 individuals from Germanywho have a very high affinity for Butlers and compared the aggregated values to a representative sample of the population.

Entertainment Influencer | Butlers
This chart visualizes the affinities of people from Germany who are brandfans of Butlers with respect to Entertainment Influencer. The most popular include Dwayne Johnson (1.15x), Julienbam (-0.26x), Inscope21 (-0.26x).
The lowest values include Jens Knossalla (-1.0x), Anni The Duck (-1.0x), Icrimax (-1.0x), Ksfreak (-0.75x), Marcel Scorpion (-0.59x).
The affinitiy factor describes how strongly a topic is over- or underrepresented in the audience compared to the population.