Statistic regarding Alnatura customers: academic share

AIlon has analyzed 5607 people from Germany who have a very high affinity to Alnatura and compared the mean values with a representative sample of the population.

Academic share | Alnatura

April 22, 2021

This statistic visualizes the academic share of that part of the German population, with a strong preference for the shopping brand "Alnatura", compared to the total population. The values for Non-academic are decreased, while the values for Academic are increased compared to the total population.

This bar chart compares the "Alnatura" customers to the total population with regard to a selected attribute. The chart is to be understood as follows: The attribute Non-academic is applicable to 65.5% of the "Alnatura" customers, in contrast to 82.3% for the total german population.


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Christopher Dübe

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