Statistics about the brandfans of die Alternative für Deutschland in Germany

Last updated 02/11/2021

AIlon is a multi-award winning for artificial intelligence for market research which uses a representative sample of the population. AIlon has been fully funded by the European Union and the German Ministry of Economics as a driver of key-techonolgies in the European Union.

AIlon analyzed 10,000 individuals from Germany who have a very high affinity for die Alternative für Deutschland and compared the aggregated values to a representative sample of the population.

die Alternative für Deutschland
Alternative for Germany is a German nationalist and right-wing populist political party, known for its opposition to the European Union and immigration. It is often characterized as being on the far-right of the political spectrum.
Af D
Jörg Meuthen Tino Chrupalla
Deputy Leaders
Beatrix von Storch Alice Weidel Stephan Brandner
Honorary Chairman
Alexander Gauland
6 February 2013; 7 years ago
Schillstraße 910785 Berlin
Youth wing
Young Alternative for Germany
German nationalism Right-wing populism Euroscepticism National conservatism Anti-Islam Anti-communism Anti-feminism Anti-immigration
Political position
88 / 709
State Parliaments
243 / 1,868
European Parliament
11 / 96

Statistics about people with an affinity for die Alternative für Deutschland