Statistics about the brandfans of Netto in Germany

Last updated 07/08/2020

AIlon is a multi-award winning for artificial intelligence for market research which uses a representative sample of the population. AIlon has been fully funded by the European Union and the German Ministry of Economics as a driver of key-techonolgies in the European Union.

AIlon analyzed 20,481 individuals from Germany who have a very high affinity for Netto and compared the aggregated values to a representative sample of the population.

Netto Marken-Discount is a German discount supermarket chain. It is owned by the German supermarket cooperative Edeka Group, and operates mostly in the south and west of Germany. The first store was opened in 1984 and the chain is expanding aggressively, with its 1000th store opening in 2004 and its 4000th in 2009.