Statistics about the brandfans of ProSieben in Germany

Last updated 01/05/2021

AIlon is a multi-award winning for artificial intelligence for market research which uses a representative sample of the population. AIlon has been fully funded by the European Union and the German Ministry of Economics as a driver of key-techonolgies in the European Union.

AIlon analyzed 70,000 individuals from Germany who have a very high affinity for ProSieben and compared the aggregated values to a representative sample of the population.

ProSieben is a German free-to-air television network. It was launched on 1 January 1989. It is Germany's second-largest privately owned television company. Although ProSieben produces some of its programming itself, it also airs many American imports. On 3 May 2012, the network launched a pay-TV channel called ProSieben Fun. A third channel called ProSieben Maxx started broadcasting on 3 September 2013.
Broadcast area
Germany Austria Switzerland Liechtenstein
We love to entertain you.
Unterföhring, Germany
Picture format
1080i H D T V
Pro Sieben Sat.1 Media
Sister channels
Pro Sieben Fun Pro Sieben Maxxkabel einskabel eins Dokukabel eins classics Sat.1 Sat.1 Emotions Sat.1 Goldsixx
1 January 1989; 31 years ago
Kabel Deutschland
Channel 105 Channel 116
Sky Deutschland
Channel 185 Channel 165
Telekom Entertain
Channel 5
Net T V Plus
Channel 511