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Augmented Recruiting

Recruiting in Logistics

  • Target potential employees efficiently
  • Leverage psychographics for perfect job postings
  • Understand candidates' and employees' needs

Increasing specialization and demographic change are creating an increasingly heated atmosphere in the market for the world's most valuable resource:
Our customer, a traditional workshop in northern Germany, also had problems finding qualified candidates for his apprenticeships. Finding the right candidates as well as keeping those in order to secure the company's future has become a costly undertaking. At the same time, high coverage losses were recorded on many recruiting platforms.

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In order to convince potential applicants both of the company and of the job, we analyzed potential target groups with AIlon. With the help of an optimized action plan, the customer was able to identify both the target groups that best fit the job advertisements and the channels on which those candidates are most likely to be found. These measures have increased recruitment effectiveness as well as employee satisfaction within the company.