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Influencer Qualification

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  • No client data necessary
  • Influencer budgeting driven by relevance
  • 42% higher marketing efficiency

Our client spends the majority of its marketing budget on influencer marketing. The problem? Our client had developed methods to evaluate the quality of influencers, but had not found a way to validate the fit of the influencer to the respective target group.

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AIlon can validate the advertising effectiveness of each individual influencer within each defined target group. So we could determine that the selection of the influencers fits the target group quite well, however it was clear that more relevant influencers are missing in the portfolio and above all that the budget distribution amongst the individual influencers did not represent the advertising effectiveness. In some cases, three times more money was invested in influencers with low relevance within the target group and lower advertising effectiveness than in the top 3 influencers combined.
Thanks to AIlon the customer was able to budget the Influencer according to advertising effectiveness and thus, work more efficiently in the context of the target group.
Our customer is a niche provider of sustainable fashion, where a focus on influencer marketing makes perfect sense, because small and highly specialized advertisements can achieve outstanding advertising effectiveness. The difficulty is to figure out how high the advertising effectiveness of each influencer is within the target group and how much budget should be invested in which influencer.

AIlon can evaluate the relevance of each Influencer in the context of each target group and derive the respective advertising efficiency.

This also works per segment