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Print Qualification

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  • No client data necessary
  • Print campaign budgeting driven by relevance
  • 13% higher marketing efficiency

The challenge

Our client spends the majority of its marketing budget online. The problem? Not the entire audience can be reached online. Thus the client consulted AIlon in order to figure out the marketing losses of any print medium.


AIlon can validate the advertising effectiveness of each print medium within each defined target group so that you can sort them by relevance and setup an optimal marketing plan.

You can see our results below.

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The marketing losses of offline media is quite astonishing, however, not all of our audience can be reached online.

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The difficult thing is to figure out how high the advertising effectiveness of each print medium is, within the target group and how much budget is invested respectively.

AIlon can evaluate the relevance of every print medium in the context of every target group.

Clustered results: Magazines

Clustered results: Newspaper

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