Reshaping the hotel experience | AIlon in Product development

Reshaping the hotel experience

Product development in Travel & Leisure

  • Target group identified within the AIlon engine
  • Identification of all significant preferences
  • Hotel reshaped by costumer preferences

When you want your clients to feel like home, you have to know what "home" means to them. AIlon knows the preferences of your audience regarding every aspect of life: from what kind of music they listen to, their favorite meals up to a preference for interior design brands. ERASON applied AIlon's deep understanding of consumer preferences to reshape the hotel experience along the entire costumer journey.

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Using AIlon, ERASON reshaped the details of the entire costumer journey with recommendations about costumer preferences. AIlon suggested to use SUVs from JEEP for the Shuttle-Service, added the Ethiopian cuisine to the restaurant's menu, enlarged the wine card due to an increased interest of the audience for wine and reordered the playlist at the bar.

Furthermore, AIlon suggested to add the interior design brand Lambert the hotel rooms, as this brand resonated very well in the audience.