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Marketing strategy for an e-compact class

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  • Correct positioning is half the battle
  • E-Mobility Market grows increasingly in relevance
  • Increase advertising efficiency by up to 60%

For the launch of a new e-model series of the largest automotive group in Germany, AIlon was able to identify the optimal target group according to the marketing concept and to develop advertising messages that fit the persona perfectly.

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Numerous manufacturers are focusing on the new e-mobility drive technology in their fleet strategy. Each of the manufacturers is not only trying to meet political requirements, but also to reach a specific customer profile with its model.

AIlon's challenge was not only to find the customer segment for the compact class that prefers an alternative drive technology, but also to specifically advertise the target group segment, which has not been adressed in a big way by any other manufacturer so far.

In the analysis, of course, it turned out that all target group segments are characterized by an above-average openness to new experiences and a high degree of responsibility. At the same time, however, AIlon was able to identify significant differences in preferences and affinities in two target group segments (affinity for topics in the large space of technology / video games / comics as opposed to the topic space of culture / museums / architecture). Scientifically proven, these segment-specific advertising messages tailored to preferences increase efficiency enormously.