Retaining existing customers in the media branche | AIlon in Marketing

Retaining existing customers in the media branche

Marketing in Media

  • Prevent subscription cancellations
  • Secure higher brand loyalty
  • Apply customized content

Which customers are brand loyal? Who reads which other newspaper? And why? We used AIlon to calculate the loyalty rates in the market based on a sample of 30,000 readers of the newspapers mentioned below.

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Why a reader still reads another newspaper can be tracked concretely via AIlon by examining the brand-loyal core of the readership psychographically and socio-demographically for conspicuous features in comparison to the loyal core. Here, it is examined in relation to which other media disloyalties exist and what causes the groups of people to read several media. With the help of AIlon's detailed analysis, we can propose concrete measures for retaining existing customers. In essence, it is about satisfying the behavior, the needs and the demands that a reader has of a media in the best possible way. All this information can be calculated with AIlon.