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Subscriber acquisition in the media industry

Marketing in Media

  • Attract new target groups
  • Increase calculable sales
  • Customer loyalty

AIlon is ideally suited as a decision-making basis for developing new target groups, since the DNA of a brand can be quantified using AIlon. We explain here how a target group expansion can work using the example of ZEIT and

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The readership of DIE ZEIT has clear target group characteristics, as shown in the WHO section: it is highly educated (school-age and academic), tends to be urban, and is left-liberal and ecologically oriented. This can be understood as the DNA of the ZEIT brand. The following of the subsidiary brand also has exactly these basic components, consequently the subsidiary brand was structured on the basis of the DNA of the parent brand. The new target group is based on the old one, except that it has become more female and left-liberal-ecological values have been significantly increased (see below). AIlon calculates these meaningful extensions of an existing customer base with regard to the brand algorithmically, but according to the same pattern. The existing DNA of a brand is analyzed and based on this, further customer segments are identified and prioritized as logically derived from the existing customer base. In this way, new customer acquisition succeeds without scaring off the existing customer base.

In addition, it is possible to identify customers at other publishing houses who are suitable for a particular brand orientation. AIlon provides concrete target group descriptions and targeting options for this.