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Who rides Mini?

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  • Prioritize marketing channels
  • Understanding needs and motivation
  • Describe audiences

What are the ten best buzzwords to describe Mini customers? What distinguishes them from non-Mini customers? AIlon provides the answer. AIlon compared 30,000 non-Mini customers with 30,000 Mini customers and calculated just that.

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In this use case, we investigate which attributes are best suited to identify (potential) Mini customers in Germany. For this purpose, we use algorithms that learn to distinguish mini customers from the rest of the population based on AIlon's Big Data database. In the final step, we can select attributes from the algorithm that it has primarily used for this purpose. This results in a statistically valid brand positioning.

This graphic visualizes which attributes of people increase or decrease the probability of being a Volkswagen customer. We show the top 5 attributes on the left of the red line and the flop 5 attributes on the right.


Typically, there is a female driver in a Mini. She is not married without children but in a relationship. As a rule, she does not work (yet). She is mindful of her health and follows fitness influencers like Kayla Itsines and Lisa del Piero. She gets inspiration for new food from Jamie Oliver or on one of her many trips. Increasingly, she is also active in the diaconia or health sector.