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Who rides Tesla?

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  • Understanding needs and motivation
  • Describe audiences

What are the ten best buzzwords to describe Tesla customers? What distinguishes them from non-Tesla customers? AIlon provides the answer. AIlon compared 30,000 non-Tesla customers with 30,000 Tesla customers and calculated just that.

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In this use case, we investigate which attributes are best suited to identify (potential) Tesla customers in Germany. For this purpose, we use algorithms that learn to distinguish Tesla customers from the rest of the population based on AIlon's Big Data database. In the final step, we can select attributes from the algorithm that it primarily used for this purpose. This results in a statistically valid brand positioning.

Typical Tesla drivers are in a relationship, don't have kids, and don't work. They use their time to follow their broad interests and a variety of influencers. They also like to engage with art and history, which is particularly evident in their interest in architecture and museums. Even though their car can undoubtedly not be classified as cheap, they have little interest in luxury. They are informed about political events in the U.S. and Germany. Sometimes a certain satirical frustration with the status quo resonates, which is expressed in an interest in Die Partei.