Statistic regarding Apple customers: favorite fast fashion brands

AIlon has analyzed 10000 people from Germany who have a very high affinity to Apple and compared the mean values with a representative sample of the population.

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Fashion | Apple

April 22, 2021

This statistic visualizes the favorite fashion brands of that part of the German population, with a strong preference for the tech company "Apple", in comparison to the total population. Extremely pronounced is the increased value for Nike, Adidas, Hurley, as well as the negative relation to Ernstings Family, Nkd, Adler.

This bar chart visualizes, how a preference for the brand "Apple" correlates with a preference for the displayed Fashion affinities. The affinity shows, how a topic is over- or underrepresented in a certain target group, compared to the total population. The statistic can be read as follows: The probability for "Apple" customers to have a preference for "Nike" is increased by 205.09% .


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Christopher Dübe

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